Terms of Services
eSign Application and Issuance

For ease and convenience in the eSign application process, an applicant can select either Capricorn eKYC, Online Aadhaar OTP, or Online Aadhaar Biometric mode of application for eSign. The Capricorn eKYC application form for availing of eSign signing services is printed, signed with blue ink by the applicant, and submitted with all required documents. A video recording would be done to process eSign. Application and documents will be verified by RA. Once your verification is completed, an email will be sent to the registered mail address of the applicant which contains a link to generate an eSign. An “Auth Key” will be sent to the registered mobile number of the applicant. To avail of eSign signing services, an applicant will have to click on the provided link and enter the provided Auth Key then accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the mail. eSign.Network holds the right to reject an application if an applicant fails to complete the verification process. eSign.Network complies with safe and secure eSign issuance and renders an easy and convenient platform to avail of various electronic signing solutions.

Confidentiality Policy

eSign.Network keeps confidentiality and privacy of the customer’s data and information of the various transactions performed by them unless disclosure is required as per the law. We preserve all the essential and sensitive personal data of the users. Even customers also have to maintain the privacy of their information as well. However, eSign.Network does not keep the following confidentials:-

Subscriber's information in the eSign

Content of this CPS

Information on the eSign.Network on the official website

In case the information is leaked or branched from some unwanted or unauthorized entity that is beyond our control then eSign.Network shall not be held responsible for the same.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

We do not make any change or update arbitrarily. We follow the laws and regulations of the Government of India in our agreement. All the changes, updates, and various official modifications of our website are made as per the instructions of the Government of India. We regularly update our CPS on the website. The responsibility of checking and being informed about the changes, or updates made in the agreement is laid on the users.


We have mentioned the fee structure of eSign on our official eSign.Network website. eSign.Network solely reserves all rights to make any change in the fees we charge for our eSign signing services. Such charges will be effective immediately after providing them on our official website. eSign.Network does not charge for service access, revocation of eSign, or information regarding the status.

Intellectual Property Rights(IP)

eSign.Network holds the sole and absolute right over its Intellectual Property which includes but is not limited to the eSign, software, firmware, hardware, CPS, Copyrights, Trademarks, and eSign.Network documentation, proprietary processes, and methods developed deployed, whether disclosed or undisclosed. Any other entity is prohibited to interfere, with, or reverse-engineering the technical implementation of our eSign service in a manner that isn’t permitted in this CPS. In case of violation of the above-stated statement legal action would be taken.

Security Audits

eSign.Network has made the provision to record every event related to the safety and security of its system in an audit log file. Some of the events such as a change in the eSign creation process, log-in and logoff attempts, system start-up and shutdown, etc are recorded. Highly critical logs shall be reviewed daily. Moderately critical logs shall be reviewed weekly and low critical logs shall be reviewed monthly. All audit logs are protected with read-only permissions to prevent any modification to the logs.

Refund Policy

eSign.Network does not offer any refund for any service that we provided to our customers. In case eSign.Network does not allow access to its service to an applicant who has paid the fees for their service, in that case, a refund will be provided.

User Consent

By providing all your essential data or personal information, and details on our website, you automatically permit us to store your necessary information. Our use of your personal data is mentioned in our privacy policy and we will never share, sell or exchange your information with any third party for marketing or any other purposes without user consent. We can only access, investigate or use your data if there is a suspect of any illegal activity to comply with the legal process.

Liability Disclaimer

eSign.Network and all the company members, including directors of the company, employees, agents, representatives, or any authorized entity shall not be responsible and liable for eSign.Network services for any direct, indirect, miscellaneous, consequential, remote loss/damage of any kind including but not limited to loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of profit, loss of business, loss of opportunities, loss of reputation, etc., caused by whatever acts / omissions/failures/defaults/negligence, etc., of eSign.Network including its directors, employees, agents and representatives, etc. eSign.Network shall not be responsible for any decision taken by the users. For more information, you may visit our Disclaimer page.


You can defend, indemnify and hold harmless eSign.Network and its affiliates, partners, employees, contractors, directors, service providers, service operators, and representatives from all claims, detriments, losses, liabilities, and other expenses that may occur due to your access and usage of the service or any misuse/harm.

Financial Responsibility

eSign.Network does not offer any warranty for the financial transactions performed for creating eSign by eSign.Network between the user and the relying parties. The subscriber of the eSign service and the relying parties would be responsible for the loss, detriment, damage, or any consequence arising out of such transactions. Dispute Resolution

eSign.Network generally resolves any dispute arising with the user within 30 days. If the dispute is not solved within 30 days, it will be sent to CCA.